• Neil PalmerNeil Palmer is a passionate UI & UX developer with over 12 years of experience leading web projects, working in Silicon Valley and London. Starting out as a web designer he soon began delving into development roles, as his real interest in the field of UI & UX involves seeing user interfaces come to life and how users interact with them.
  • Silvia MaggiSilvia Maggi is an experienced UI & UX designer and developer working over 12 years in Milan and London. Starting her career as a texture designer but she soon moved towards UI, and learnt how to design and develop with web standards. Always up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies, her approach to work is from a design and code-wise perspective.
  • Simone SilvestroniSimone Silvestroni is a multi disciplinary designer and developer, working on the web for 16 years between Milan and London. Simone’s key skill is turning raw sketched ideas into live interfaces, studying and modifying them through user tests, always keeping a strong eye to accessibility and typography.

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