The brief.

Re-brand of the existing website, create a site to work on multiple devices and with the ability to manage content.

Women Management is a global model agency, based in New York, now part of Elite.

What we did.

Developed the site using UI Farm's custom ResponsiFarm™ WordPress framework, allowing the client to fully manage the content.

Expertise provided.

  • Application Development
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress


  • Multi-city main menu, with custom drop-down sub-menu when needed.
  • Featured models in an animated responsive carousel.
  • Multi-columns layout with latest news and social feeds (Instagram and Twitter) for the agency.  In the model pages this changes to the model’s related latest news and social feeds.
  • Adaptive content for mobile devices and tablets, with performance-enhanced features.

Fig. 1 Women Management home page.


  • The models photo gallery, using our custom responsive grid, adapted for all devices.
  • Clicking on a letter, a smooth scrolling animation points to the correct models names.
  • On mobile and tablet devices, the grid adapts to the different features. Big letters are “tappable” to open and close the related models.

Fig. 2 Women Management board page.


A responsive full screen carousel has been implemented, to go through the model’s portfolio. A custom feature allows users to print a PDF version of the related book.

Mobile Test

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