The brief.

Responsive implementation of the full brand guideline on the corporate website.

Reevoo is a pioneer of Ratings & Reviews services for multichannel brands and retailers.

What we did.

Full brand guidelines implementation on a custom WordPress website, tailored for multi-device and featuring integration with tools like Salesforce.

Expertise provided.


    • Different levels of navigation.
    • Main menu with drop down sub-menus.
    • Sticky header on tablets and desktops.
    • Custom responsive carousel, with featured video launching in a full-screen window on desktop.

    Fig. 1 Reevoo website home page on a desktop screen.


    Drop down main menu adapted on tablets, to work with touch-enabled devices.

    Fig. 2 Reevoo website home page on mobile and tablet.


    Editors can change all the elements present in the page, through a clever use of custom plugins, tailored to the client’s needs.

    Fig. 3 Reevoo website on a laptop screen.

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