The brief.

Axida were planning to launch their existing Windows embedded EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) solution on devices such as tablets and phones.

Axida is a UK based multi-channel sales order and fulfilment solutions provider.

What we did.

UI Farm started with a thorough analysis of the existing workflow. UI Farm delivered an optimised workflow for the Flexipod application.

Expertise provided.


    As Axida wanted to give deliverers the possibility to use devices they likely possessed already, UI Farm studied and organised the UX to be optimised for modern devices and their built-in features.

    The end user was not supposed to receive any instruction on how to use the application, as the new workflow was developed in the simplest and intuitive way.

    Fig. 1 Application workflow study.


    • A wire framed prototype was developed for phone and tablet.
    • Delivered designs for all screens.

    Fig. 1 Flexipod on mobile and tablet.


    • All the information needed is present on the screen. Built-in features (maps and phone calls) are fully integrated.
    • Intuitive icons guide the users through the application, an important attribute when speed is essential.
    • UI Farm delivered designs for the Android application and UI patterns for the iOS version.

    Fig. 3 Main screen and navigation.

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