The brief.

CounterBooks had a very mature product but the application had a very dated, look and feel that needed a re-fresh of the user interface.  The brief was to provide UI Farm’s UI and UX design services to re-design the application using CounterBooks’ new branding and provide a better user experience for the application.

CounterBooks is an online retail accounting system offering a full general ledger designed specifically for retailers.

What we did.

UI Farm re-designed the user interface and user journeys of the application from the ground up.  As CounterBooks would be implementing the design, UI Farm designed and delivered a HTML5 prototype of the new application interface with a fully modular style guide for ease of implementation.
  The new user interface was kept with multi-device in mind, designed for tablet and desktop.

Expertise provided.

  • Front-End Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design


  • Developed multi-device templates to adapt to all devices.
  • Navigation bar for the user login and settings.
  • Tabs with breadcrumbs for an easy section scan and navigation.
  • Implemented effective responsive tables for reports.
  • Intelligent use of the brand colours.

CounterBooks interface.


CounterBooks have recently undergone a re-brand and as a result, UI Farm were the chosen agency to provide design and front-end development services for their online application.

After a thorough analysis of the existing website, UI Farm started designing the UX of the complex navigation formed by a three level menu and breadcrumbs, and all the main pages.

CounterBooks navigation before and after the re-design.


Once the client signed off the UI designs proposed, UI Farm developed the HTML/CSS multi-device templates to adapt to all devices, including tablets.

As considerable amount of the website content is grouped in tables, UI Farm created effective responsive tables to be correctly visualised on tablets.

CounterBooks has a strong market in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern European countries. All the graphic elements are defined via CSS and for the icons a font has been used, so that a longer copy won’t break the layout.

Report tables.

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