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Responsive design critical for user experience, says London based UI & UX Agency.

London, UK — Friday, 7th June 2012 — New UI & UX agency launches with a content-first, responsive design focused philosophy towards UI design and development in response to the ever-changing device landscape.

As UI & UX professionals, the founders of UI Farm are passionate about building different experiences for different devices. Concepts like adaptive and responsive design, progressive enhancement and a content first approach to design and development will bring you into a device agnostic world.

“Responsive design is critical for creating a positive user experience across devices. In order for businesses to stay competitive digitally, their apps and websites will need to be accessible no matter what device their users are browsing from — you can’t expect your users to only be viewing your offering on a desktop computer anymore. This is where exciting techniques in UI design and development like responsive design come into play”, says UI Farm.

We are currently in a critical period in the digital world as mobile browsing is expected to take over desktop browsing in the very near future. Leading experts in the field of UI application & design backs up this view on the current digital climate.

“Mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop-based access within three to five years. Rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of an ever-increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience.”
Ethan Marcotte, Responsive Web Design

At UI Farm, we want your digital product offering to grow with your business; by creating experiences that allow your target users to easily access your content in a positive user experience no matter what device/viewport they are using, we believe your business will Grow Responsively.

The agency strives to create beautiful, clean and innovative products that are easy to use. By understanding your business, users and content offering we then use the latest technologies and techniques to create wonderful products for your business.



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Press release — 7th June 2012 (PDF file, 61kb)

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