Open Communication

We love to get to know our clients, their industry, passion and needs. After the requirements have been set, we practise open communication through tools such as JIRA and Confluence so the client can collaborate with us and see progress of design & development tasks at all times.

HTML Wireframes

No more static wireframes. After initial sketching of the main pages, UI Farm creates HTML wireframes on a live URL so the client can see and test the real interactions in a browser, across devices.

Design In The Browser

The nature of creating websites for the multi-device web can’t be created using static visual designs. From the wireframes, the web designer and developer work together to create designs that the client can see in the browser and tools such as Sketch or Photoshop are only used when a graphical element is needed.

As with the wireframes, the client is provided with a URL to view the designs. This workflow is much more efficient as client changes can be turned around quicker and the client sees exactly how the final website will look much earlier in the design process.

Usability & Accessibility

Observing real users interacting with the product and extracting data about the efficiency and effectiveness of a design, is invaluable. UI Farm is perfecting an innovative workflow that allows clients to test websites before the design is complete, without compromising on the multi-device nature of the web. Our ResponsiFarm framework, being a browser native web product from the start, can be tested from the wireframe phase, on all devices.

We put extra care in by default on Accessibility, implementing a large part of the WCAG specs along with ARIA roles. Tests against text-only browsers are also in our standard QA process.

Regular Updates

UI Farm works in sprints, which allows us to deliver projects on-time. This is an Agile software development term, and is defined as a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed.

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