We Create Beautiful Multi-Device Websites

Reach Every User, on Every Device

Who Are UI Farm?

UI Farm are a London based, modern agency committed to creating beautiful, user-centric, responsive websites and mobile applications for the multi-device web.

We are passionate about the web and its future — in particular, how responsive design can help businesses grow sustainably online.

At UI Farm, our approach is to provide design and development solutions that are device and platform agnostic.

Enter The Multi-Device Web

Over 35% of global internet traffic is now coming from mobile and tablet devices.

The use of mobile devices to access the internet has increased by 67% worldwide over the last twelve months, and it’s growing.

Enter the multi-device web, where a new device connected to the internet is out almost every day.

UI Farm Solution: Responsive Design

Responsive websites adapt based on the device, tailoring the visual design and layout of the content.

This increases site engagement, and provides the user with an optimal user experience no matter the device.

Reevoo responsive website, by UI Farm

Reevoo’s responsive & multi-language website, by UI Farm.

Benefits Of Responsive Design

  • Search engines like Google give better organic results.
  • Provide your users with all the content that they want.
  • High performing sites across devices lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversion.
  • A single URL, a single code base, a single Content Management System.
  • No need for a separate mobile version (hard to maintain and extremely costly).

What We Do


Multi-Device Websites

We design & create beautiful mobile-first, responsive websites for the multi-device web.


Websites need a beautiful CMS as well. Easily manage your site and its content through custom solutions built by us, using WordPress.

Web Apps

Grow your business sustainably with our build once, run everywhere web applications for iPhone and Android.



Introducing ResponsiFarm; our bespoke, rock solid framework for building modern and fast performing multi-device websites.


Designed exclusively for the high-end fashion industry, FashionFarm is our powerful, feature-rich solution for creating model agency websites.


APM Models New York

APM Models New York